Academic economists in the media: How can we communicate more effectively?

Speaker(s) Type Length Chair
Daniel Hamermesh Dina Pomeranz Panels & Workshops
Robert Dur

‚ÄčAcademic economists often appear in traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, tv, and radio, to comment on a current economic issue or to communicate their research findings. There is also a strong presence of academic economists on social media, particularly on Twitter. Both traditional and social media give academic economists an opportunity to explain economics to a much larger audience than they typically serve. However, it is not always clear whether and how to comment on an issue in the media, what types of research findings merit wide dissemination, how to handle various kinds of media, and how to deal with responses, in particular on social media. In this session, two highly experienced academic economists share a few key lessons about how to communicate more effectively about economics in the media. This session is co-organised with the Royal Dutch Economic Association (