How to Survive on the Academic Job Market

Speaker(s) Type Length Chair
Eliana La Ferrara Christopher Roth Paolo Pinotti Nezih Guner Panels & Workshops
Anna Koukal & Gregor von Schweinitz

Looking for a job is a very important step in the career of a young economist. Every year thousands of new jobs appear on the market with thousands of PhD students competing for them (Cawley 2016). So how can you make YOUR job market experience a success? The junior academic job market is a key element for young Economists and continuously evolving. In Europe preparation and knowledge about the US and the European job market varies substantially between universities and countries. The topic of how to survive in the academic job market is complex and job candidates face high time costs to independently compile information from various sources. This year the Corona pandemic is complicating the job market even further. The aim of this panel is to provide different insights on the academic job market offered by experienced senior economists from the preparation and hiring side and from recent job market candidates. This session is organised by the European Association for Young Economists (EAYE).